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Alright folks. After all the bragging and bravado, it’s time to separate the real farmers from the hobby gardeners.

Show What You Grow (the bench show) starts on Friday evening at Fort Edmonton Park. Enter some fruits, vegetables, and flowers in >160 categories, get free entry to Fort Edmonton Park, and earn real bragging rights.

EOGG finished a sad 4th place last year amongst 4 community gardens. Time to redeem the reputation.

3 special prizes to win:

  • “Peas-in-a-Pod” Family Prize
  • “Companion Planting” Community Garden Prize
  • “Garden Ninja” Youth Prize

How do we get ready?




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3 Responses to Are you going to Show What You Grow?

  1. Travis Kennedy says:

    Is anyone interested in organizing this for us? It would require going to the farm on Friday afternoon / early evening and collecting our crops for the competition then bringing them down to Fort Edmonton. If a few people wanted to help out, that would be cool. We don’t have to compete in every category… but I think we could win in a few! The community garden award is for an arrangement of our goods that looks pretty, which is why we lost last year (I made it). I’ll be at the hangar in Fort Edmonton as a volunteer registering participants Friday night. Who will accept the challenge?

  2. rubythursday says:

    Thanks for posting this Travis! Just to clarify, the Community Garden Award is an aggregate award of everything EOGG enters. So gardeners, EOGG needs you to pick and present the finest vegetables in town to receive the crown of Companion Planting Community Garden Award. Prizes to be won plus the glory of the title.  For a $5 entry you get free admission to Fort Edmonton Park. For the whole Harvest Fair weekend (August 27 and 28). Enter as a family (2-4 people with at least one person under 16) with an entry for each person and pay only $5 for the whole family – including admission to Fort Edmonton Park. Harvest Fair weekend or Field to Table: A Horticultural Extravaganza is Fort Edmonton's flagship event showcasing the great horticultural and agricultural practices from our area. Check out http://www.edmontonhort.com for more details.

  3. mithrush says:

    I’m prepared to lead this session Friday afternoon. I have ten years experience competing in various county fruit and vegetable shows and I know what it takes to be a winner. EOGG has agreed to supply the preparation crew with Pizza and “root” Beer. Please let us know if you can help out. Let’s win best of show this year and best community garden!See you all Friday at 5:30PM. Bring any old toothbrushes if you have them!Marshall

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