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Almost mid August. We had a great weekend at UFOG. Marshall showed up early and set to work creating a “Field Borscht” to be remembered. Everybody learned quickly from the 2″ Ipod screen and a copy of Gardenerds Garlic Braiding Video.

By the end of Saturday we had 60 braids of softneck. We had a great crowd turn up, and we did some serious harvesting. The beans, carrots, beets, zuchinni and a variety of potatoes are now ripe for the taking.We are going to need to focus on getting the beans off the plants tomorrow.

In other news, we’ve secured our funding from IMANTA Edmonton’s Latvian Society, this will allow us to purchase a few additional tools, and build ourselves a much needed greenhouse!

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One Response to Bean a long time thyme since I ate so much cilantro

  1. Vicky says:

    Picked about 50 lbs of green beans and bag of basil for the Youth Emergency Shelter on Sunday.Note about garlic for next year–I took garlic for planting home in a cardboard box. I had a niggling feeling that it perhaps was not completely dry. Sure enough, when I checked, there was the start of some light fuzzy mold on a few of them. I’ve spread them out in the breezeway to thoroughly dry. Close call.

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