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Mission Accomplished. Marshall promised and delivered. Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight and fought off the hoardes of mosquitoes. Golden beets, Rainbow carrots, and Sugar Ann snap peas will be your reward!

To us doubters in the crowd. The Wine grapes have begun to leaf out… So maybe we can grow wine grapes in Alberta after all.


Wednesday will be sunny now so we will try to get the irrigation lines installed. Things are looking great out there, thanks to all the hard effort of everybody in this busy season!

Two special mentions this evening:

1. Jim has managed to irrigate our early lettuce and spinach crops so well that they have germinated and are growing vigorously.


2. Roman has simgle handely tilled most of the remaining weedy areas around the plot.


 Good Growing,




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2 Responses to Cold Crop Success

  1. night_star says:

    Hi Travis, It’s Kelsey Larsen. I’ve been out with my mom and dad and now baby girl. We were out when it rained last. My dad has asked me to contact you about the irrigation line you are putting in. He has done several different irrigation systems for quite a long time. So he knows alot about them. He would like you to call him . He wants to know what kind it is and if you have everything you need or you don’t know and he’s going to help out. 780 907 8290 his name is Dyle. Thanks Travis 

  2. Travis Kennedy says:

    Thanks Kelsey,I touched bases. Dyle is going to review the documents and help us build a workable system.Travis

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