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Hey folks,

Here is a sneak peek of our EOGG sign, we actually have two concepts on the go but would like to have one completed before the end of the week, if you see anything we may have missed please let us know. : ) 
We will have our website included in the final draft, Robert hasn’t made it into the office yet as he is on a photo shoot but the sign will be completed before the end of the week.



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8 Responses to Eogg sign

  1. gpatt says:

    Hey there. For parallelism's sake, it should read "love it" not "loved it."Ain't I doing good with the grammar!Geordie

  2. elvirafalconer says:

    Thank you Geordie, i did get your message before, but we have not had a chance to make the changes : )

  3. geordanp says:

    Are my posts coming in twice? I only sent that once.

  4. elvirafalconer says:

    No i believe your wit is getting ahead of you, lol : )

  5. marshall.mithrush says:

    Sign looks great. Suggest the word ‘Guild’ might be written out just a bit more clearly.   Marshall  

  6. ann_hazlett says:

    I tried to join you this past Sat. but was unable to locate the place.  The directions on the website are not very detailed.  Once I get off the LRT at South Campus, I head north to 118.  where do I go from there?  the Foote Field is on the left.  further down there is the poultry research.  I spent my gardening energy walking, unsuccessfully looking.Thank youAnn Hazlett

  7. Travis Kennedy says:

    I’m sorry to hear you missed us. We are pretty close to the poultry station. Has anyone made it to the farm garden from the LRT lately? I haven’t taken the trip since the new Go Centre went up.I’m wondering if we can simplify the wording of the sign. Similar to the Strathcona market slogan. “We make it, we bake it, we grow it, and we sell it. Seasonal, organic, low/no chemical, home-grown and home-made products:”We Seed it, Weed it, Water it and Love it.If you haven’t, please enjoy your visit but don’t harvestSign up at EOGG.org to participate next season.C’mon wordsmiths… I know you are out there.

  8. Vicky says:

    I think this one sounds good.Vicky

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