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Thanks to the 25 people that made it out to Cafe Tiramisu last Thursday… And thanks to @Marilynk_ for livetweeting the event. I think the (quote of the night) is definitely worth reposting here:

 : QOTN: We grew <fill in the blank>, which was a waste of time. – Marshall (on every item)   


We had some laughs and some great Pizza was provided by Seble and the staff at Tiramisu.


I’ll post the finalized seed orders below. You’ll notice a few things are missing. Don’t be concerned about the absence of potatoes, annual flowers and perennials (and sweet potatoes). We will shop local for those at Apache prior to planting in the spring.

Download this file

Download this file

Finally, we are going to try a new piece of software to help us plan our cropping this spring. The program is called AgSquared. Hopefully it can keep us on track and on schedule. Have a peak at the demo video, let us know if you are interested in helping out with the planning / layout phase of this years garden by commenting below!


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4 Responses to Finalized Seed Orders and AgSquared Farm Management Software

  1. geordanp says:

    Wow. AgSquared is AWESOME. We’ve never tried recording germination rates and times, success rates, or really anything. That is a cool program.

  2. Elvira Falconer says:

    i would be interested but would definitely need a step by step tutorial the first time round, if someone is willing to take the time : )

  3. eogg says:

    Sounds good Elvira. We’ll contact you offline and give you our access codes for the program! And ya, we’ve never recorded much of anything… so here’s hoping we can keep track of our ins and outs!

  4. lovageguy says:

    Yes, I Would like to help with the planning/layout phase.Does AgSquared turn compost? Thank you all who organized a fun evening at Tiraimsu,Cheers! Morris

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