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We harvested the garlic, dried and cured the garlic, sorted and stored the garlic we needed 

to plant for next years crop.


The garlic was tucked away awaiting the planting time.


We even had a barn cat guarding the garlic from the mice, but the cat could not keep the 

garlic from the large two legged mice.


I had stored away 350 bulbs of garlic to be used for seed. I counted on Monday

and only found 251 bulbs left in the box.


Someone must have needed the choice garlic bulbs more than we needed the planting stock.


350 bulbs @  6 cloves  –  2100 cloves / plants

250 bulbs @  6 cloves  –  1500 cloves / plants


To say the least I was and am saddened at the situation, I have put in a lot of time and energy

into this garden and this is   



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2 Responses to Garlic Report part 2 – the really sad part!

  1. cgue says:

    I took garlic from a box in the barn. If this was the seed stock I am sorry but it was not labeled and no one said anything when they saw me take it.I do have a dozen heads of garlic from this year plus some from last year that has just barely started sprouting.Let me know what day you will be planting and I will be sure to bring it.

  2. Elvira Falconer says:

    i agree with Dyle, and I think we should have this addressed, please ask before you help yourself, either Dyle or Travis or one the regulars who might be able to help you.  Also we need some helping hands out there, to prepare the land for the next year and plant garlic, we can get more done sooner and quicker with more hands. Get those extra layers on and burn some calories : D

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