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Hi, everyone. Anyone still interested in taking green cabbage.? My dad has offered to harvest all remaining green cabbage for the Mustard Seed, which makes soup every night for a hundred people. I’ll give him the go ahead to harvest the rest of cabbage on Sunday, unless I hear otherwise from anyone. Thanks.
Vicky Busch

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7 Responses to Green Cabbage anyone?

  1. eogg says:

    Just to give a little context… the worms are making quick work of the crop, there won't be much left come next week! We put up the covers a little late (my bad).

  2. cgue says:

    I will take one or two tomorrow am for making India Relish. Anyone interested in making relish with me let me know. We could make on a mutually convenient date I have all supplies needed. Could also make zesty zucchini relish at same time if there is the interest.

  3. Vicky says:

    Hi, folks:Roman took 25 heads of green cabbage to Mustard Seed today for which they were very thankful.If anyone missed out, I  saved 5 heads in my fridge. I’ll keep them for another two weeks. So, let me know if you want one or more.Vicky

  4. Travis Kennedy says:

    That is great! Hey Christine, let’s talk about a good day for a canning session. I know we’ve talked about it for years… but let’s do it! Zuchinni relish, pickled beets, pickled carrots. Who has jars lying around? I know I have a few lying next to my canning equipment in the basement!

  5. cgue says:

    Yes Travis, I would love to do a canning session – we just used the last of our relish this week and only have 1 jar of pickles left. I have already started my jams so canning stuff is all dusted off and sorted. I have 6 dozen 500mL jars plus more of various sizes, half are wide mouth – all are good for pickles. I would suggest a canning night a day or two after a harvest so people have a chance to clean everything so it is ready to cut and process. As for dates…I work this Sat and Sun. I am free evenings of the 26th, 29th, 30th, 1st and 2nd. Sundays are no good for me with church and work. Saturdays in September I am generally available except Sept 17th when I am running a canning how-to workshop for Pleasantview United Church. Tuesday and Friday evenings are generally good for me as well.

  6. Elvira Falconer says:

    I am in : )

  7. lovageguy says:

    Hello Travis & not yet met,I have extra jars and would be willing to help with canning.  Keep me posted as to place and time.Beers! Morris

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