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Thanks to the gang that showed up to help us clean and process the Garlic. We selected the best of the bulbs for planting this October 1st. There is still quite a bit of garlic remaining, if you show up Wednesday or Saturday we’ll make sure you get some. The harvest is in full swing with everything from basil to potatoes ready to roll!



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8 Responses to Harvest Season

  1. Vicky says:

    Hi,Was there any garlic left for those of us who weren’t able to get to the garden last night? Thanks!Vicky

  2. taramccallen says:

    Hey all, Just a question, when we are harvesting the potatoes? Chad and I have been coming on off days as I work so much on Wed and Saturdays.  Unfortunately we keep coming after everything is picked.  I would love to know what is happening this weekend, so we can still have some of the produce as well. We are unable to make it on Friday night. Thanks, Tara

  3. Vicky says:

    Is there any garlic left for those who didn’t make it out yesterday? Thanks! Vicky

  4. Travis Kennedy says:

    There are LOTS of garlic bulbs left. We’ve tucked them away in the Barn but they are ready to be taken to good garlic loving homes! I’ll be out Saturday so folks can pick some up then. If you can’t make it to the farm on our set days we can arrange something different. Tara, if you guys really can’t make it out at the set times, Dyle or Jim are sometimes out there a few other nights of the week (7-9), they can show you the rows where the potatoes are ready! Let us know if we need to coordinate an alternate night with you and Chad. There are lots of taters!

  5. Ken H says:

    I was talking to Rodney and Dyle last night saying they would like some palates for a composter. I can get 8-10, 48″x48″ palates in nice shape, but deliver them next week is that ok?

  6. unclehat says:

    That’s great Ken. Yes, we’re in. Bring down the pallets.I’m sure we can find a spot until Travis brings the tree stakes.

  7. unclehat says:

    Does anyone know someone with a post-pounder?

  8. Ken H says:

    Bringing 10 nice pallets Wed night after 6:00. I’ll see if we have a post pounder might have gone awol though.

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