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Just want to confess that the creative fencing for the first row of peas by the tomotoes is my handiwork. I had some sticks and some twine and no plan and that’s what happened. But my intentions were good—to keep the peas from entertwining the tomatoes.

I’ll pull it out just as soon as the first nice harvest of peas is finished, so the tomatoes can get full sun.


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2 Responses to Pea “trellis” confession

  1. Elvira Falconer says:

    June 16, 2012We weeded, and weeded, tilled, and weeded, plucked out sceptical spinach, and weeded some more.  The berry bushes, and strawberries are Murdock free for the time being, our wee little herbs, pea, and beet patches are all standing a little more predominantly, and the garlic patch was given some maintenance attention, i applaud everyone for their perseverance and hard work, the little guys even watered the tomatoes from the trough with coconut shells they scavenged out of the compost pile.  Well done and a big pat on the back. : D

  2. Elvira Falconer says:

    The last photo is Peter after 5 hours at the farm LOL, i took that shot just after leaving the U of A property,  Who says running around in the fresh air isn't good you, the kids were very subdued for the rest of the day : ) 

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