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3 Responses to Rain plus garden equals weeders delight

  1. lovageguy says:

    Dear Garden Friends,Thank you for the photos of the garden to date. I have shown them to my wife Bev who has yet to visit. She is keen to see it.I realized, as I was constructing the pole bean climbing fence, that it may not be strong enough to support a full canopy of leaf and beans. Once the beans mature the resulting green wall will act like a sail in the wind. I am away for a long week. When I get back I’ll see if it needs additional support. There are metal poles behind the tool shed which may help us weather this season.I guess what I am saying is, please keep an eye on it and intervene if you feel it needs further propping up.Thanks again for the photo and the update. Beers! Morris

  2. Travis Kennedy says:

    We will keep a close eye on it Morris. Thanks for the update. We will see you when you return.

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