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Gooood Morning Gardeners!!!


Lots to do at the EOGG garden today.

  • Garilc to plant.
  • Potatoes to dig, sort, box / bag up.
  • Irrigation system to dismantle and store away.
  • Planting areas to weed, till, amend with composted manure and till again


There are still some veggies to harvest.


Come out and join the fun when ever you can today, I will be there all day.



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One Response to Saturday dawns

  1. Travis Kennedy says:

    Wow!A world goes by in a few weeks at EOGG!How did everything go? What is left on the list folks? I saw that Marilyn had a good time ( http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23OFRE ) As I mentioned I have extra backyard garlic if you are in need of extra stock to plug the holes left by the “rodents”. The surrounding area of EOGG looks pretty different from the photos. Hopefully the new landscaping will at least eliminate a lot of the weed problems that kept coming at us from the east and the south.A special note to Dyle… Thanks for making things continue to click. Wait to go everyone. The farm has never looked better. Maybe Claire and I should have children more often;)

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