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We had a great time on Wednesday. We harvested corn. We dug potatos. We hosted AP!RG’s DisOrganize (world tour). And we built the largest communal composter in Edmonton. Now it’s time for …

OUR COMPOSTER: The Gameshow Edition
1. Where is the largest communal composter in Edmonton?
a) EOGG.org. b) beside the GO Centre. c) beside Footed Field
2. How big is our new composter?
a) 64 cubic ft b) 750 litres c) 7,250 litres
3. How many times do they swing a hammer in this video?

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Thanks to everyone. Special thanks to Dyle who brought the tools, the supplies and… the drinks.

harvest @ 2 pm
AGM @ 4 pm
eat @ end of AGM



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One Response to That post about the compost

  1. unclehat says:

    This is it. The compost is started.Think we can turn out 1 bin of cured compost before the season ends? Any bets?

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