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Just an FYI about the big composter unit by the fence. There was a wasp nest in it on Saturday. Stay clear until the problem is resolved. If you have fresh waste to drop off, I suggest putting it in the composter closer to the barn doors. Make sure you burry fresh waste under at least 2 inches of dead/brown waste. Sweet fresh waste is what attracts wasps and we should try to keep them from finding that pile as a food source.

See you on Saturday


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  1. unclehat says:

    Note: The wasp nest is now gone. Thank you to whoever removed it.If a compost pile gets a wasp nest, then it’s probably because it is too DRY (not too wet). Both wet compostables (the nitrogen-rich stuff from the garden or your kitchen) and dry compostables (the carbon-rich leaves and corn husks) are great for compost. But the brown stuff makes the compost pile dry.You can help. Please water the compost bins. Pour lots of water over the piles.I see that our wasp nest wasn’t in the compost at all. The wasp nest was in the structure of the compost bin. If I was a wasp, that’s where I would make my home too.

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