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‘Tis the season to think of next season… and we need your feedback:
What do you want at the garden next year?

  • seeds
  • irrigation
  • tractor
  • what?

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9 Responses to What do we want next year?

  1. ann_hazlett says:

    seeds, irrigation, green house, small tractor

  2. liesmavija says:

    How about a cold storage area in the barn?  Would have to be rodent resistant.  Also some good vegetable scrubbing brushes (large size).

  3. lovageguy says:

    Dear Friends,Anything that reduces the amount of labour required at all stages of gardening should be given priority.  Certainly a small tractor would fit the bill. We are presently growing more of some things than we can handle. So I think if we expand the space and kinds of plants, we have to understand just how many person hours are required to realize a successful crop with as little waste as possible.  Perennials are a good way to go, but a greenhouse would give us an earlier start with some crops and therefor a better chance of saving seed for the next year. I will be there Saturday afternoon and I have several pounds of Scarlet Runner beans sorted and washed. Till then, cheers! Morris 

  4. lovageguy says:

    Very good ideas, cold storage in particular. Also add to our want list a basic boot scraper, the kind with two prongs shoved into the ground, with a narrow blade above ground, the scraper bit.Cheers! Morris

  5. unclehat says:

    <tr><td>I love that idea. I gotta get me gumboots like Dyle’s. Rodney M.b. Al Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android </td></tr>

  6. unclehat says:

    People made a list of things they wanted at the AGM/harvest party. Here is the list.Is there anything more?- knee pads/kneeling pads- low chairs- tool for getting carrots out- apple/pear trees- bee hives- oats- soy beans- chicken coop & chickens- fishing farm?- mushrooms- sweet potatoes- rhubarb- horse radish- job board (for garden tasks)- eggplant- kid-sized garden tools- children’s garden- garden shredder/chipper- tractor- gazebo- hammock- weed wacker- lawn mower- bike trailer – hose- small powertools- new picnic tables- beer fridge (for cold storage, not just beer)- another sign- composting toilet- a really long extension cord- bicycle-powered generator

  7. unclehat says:

    – machete (for hacking stuff like corn)- garden chipper- leaf rake

  8. unclehat says:

    New idea: web cams on garden & hosted on http://www.eogg.orgWhat do you think? Is this a really cool idea.

  9. Elvira Falconer says:

    smacks of surveillance to me : )it is not going to help us with the physical work of the farm, and we are already short handed as it is, i would rather money go to things that make work on the farm easier, we can use our i phones to post videos, it might eventually be a cool idea but certainly not a benefit at this point. anyway how many people get off on watching other people's sweat and tears : D

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