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That’s gotta be hot. And that’s how hot the compost was last night.

Can anyone find these for EOGG?
– chipper to chip up the corn stalks
– PVC pipes to aerate the composter (grandma’s secret weapon)
– bags of dry leaves

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5 Responses to What’s 110F in celcius?

  1. Ken H says:

    110F=43.3333C onlineconversion.com works well for any kind of conversions:)

  2. Ken H says:

    What size and length of PVC pipe is needed?

  3. unclehat says:

    <tr><td>We need one 4ft-long pipe for 4 bins. Pipe should be pretty wide. Do they come in 2- or 3-inch diameter? BTW When I visited the composter yesterday, it was cooking @ 135F. Holy! Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android </td></tr>

  4. Elvira Falconer says:

    well i guess if we are ever stranded at the farm we know where to hang out to keep warm, that's pretty impressive !

  5. eogg says:

    We could almost heat a greenhouse with those btu's!

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