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That’s right folks, it’s time for a good ol’ harvest dinner… and an Annual General Meeting. You are probably as excited as I am, but when can we meet to eat?

1. Click this link

2. Choose Wednesday OR Saturday

We want lots of gardeners for one last event of the season. More to come… soon.

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8 Responses to When can we eat?

  1. jboman says:

    I just left my name on the list of respondents and did not pick either Wednesday (5:30 pm and on) or Saturday (5 pm and on) as both work for me. Rodney, is there a way we can add that option for people to indicate their availability?Jeanette

  2. unclehat says:

    I am absolutely positive that folks can choose either (i) Wednesday OR (ii) Saturday OR (iii) both days, Jeannette.Let’s see how it works out. Rodney M.b. Al

  3. Elvira Falconer says:

    Thats a great idea,n unfortunately i am only available on the wednesday as we are out of town, i would sure hate to miss it : (Elvira

  4. taramccallen says:

    Travis,   That sounds really cool and Chad and I would love to come but we will be in BC then.  We have not been able to make any other the gathering… Too busy working so much.   Hope you all have fun.   Tara   From: Edmonton Organic Growers Guild Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 11:54 PM To: taramccallen@shaw.ca Subject: [eogg.org] When can we eat?  

  5. unclehat says:

    Seriously, folks. Only 15 people responded???:-(

  6. fredflintstone says:

    Either day is fine with me.Jim

  7. jboman says:

    Twenty people have respond to the survey and it looks like Saturday, September 24  accommodates most people’s schedules. We’ll take lots of photos for people who cannot be there. A number of people coming out to the Wednesday and Saturday morning work/harvest sessions have not registered a preference. At this point please let us know if you can come by e-mail or in person at the sign up sheet on the table at the E.O.G.G. garden,  Saturday (September 17) and Wednesday (September 21).All partners and/or family members who know how hard we are all working are welcome to come and eat with us.  We would like to know the number of extra people to expect. You can let us know in one of three ways:1)   Reply to this EOGG message2)   Indicate number of guests on the Count Sheet that accompanies the Potluck Dish Sign up Sheet at the garden.3)   Phone Karen at 780 430 6158 or Jeanette at 780 434 0379What to Bring for Potluck … 1.     Something from the garden is encouraged … if you have already signed up, you know what you are bringing.  One dish per family would be great. Bring serving spoon that works for the dish/recipe you make.2.     If anyone has chutney or other condiments for the sausages, it would be wonderful if you could bring them. We’ll purchase one ordinary bottle of mustard, ketchup and relish. 3.     Corn on the cob will be harvested and boiled (for 6 minutes) on site.4.     Travis was given gift certificates to Tree Stone Bakery for his fine showing of vegetables from the E.O.G.G. garden at the fair and has offered them for purchasing buns for our AGM Harvest dinner. 5.     We’ll be purchasing the meat/meat substitute as well as cans of Italian Soda. If you wish to discretely bring something else to drink, make your own decision about that OK?6.     Travis, we are hoping you will take care of the BBQ arrangements and be chief BBQ’er? 7.     Does anyone have a cooler with ice to keep the soda cold? Tables, chairs, tablecloths, utensils, plates, cups, serviettes, coffee and tea are arranged 

  8. cgue says:

    Christine, Kevin and two girls (Naomi and Hazel) will be coming.DO NOT BUY: regular ketchup, mustard or relish – I will bring.We will bring: a jar of each from the canning bee: Beet relish, zucchini relish, pickled carrots, pickled beets, also the regular mustard, relish, and ketchup, a cooler with ice, a carrot cake.

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