direct sow planting, cool season crop, succession planting



Green Arrow (dwarf)

Sugar Snap (vine)

Sugar Snap (pole)

Sowing the seeds

Sow 1” deep and 2” apart.  This is a cool weather crop, it can be early to go in the ground and succession planting every 3 to 4 weeks. Something to consider– instead of planting a single row of dwarf peas with a trellis, you can plants peas in a 16 inch width area with 16 inch walkways in between.  This makes for more peas, the plant matter shades out weeds, and the pea plants can intertwine and support each other.


The stems can be fragile and has a shallow root system so use 2 hands to harvest, one to hold the stem and one to pull off the pod.  Pod should be plump but not bumpy; a bumpy pea is an overgrown pea.