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April 18 was the first official work bee for 2015. We welcomed about a dozen new volunteers, planted some early peas and cleaned out raspberries. Volunteers also did some rototilling, clean up and hand digging to expand garden 2.

Morris got a start on his pollination plan and seeded some flowers. Although our focus is on vegetables because of our mandate to grow food, we will spend a little time on flowers this year to attract pollinators and for beautification. The university is having a big event the end of September that will bring lots of visitors to the area and we want to look good.

If everyone’s looking a bit grey in the lunch photo below, it’s because there were snowflakes falling.


first work bee apr 18 2015

expanding garden 2


lunch apr 18

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3 Responses to Welcome new volunteers

  1. Barbara Hartley says:

    May I ask about EOGG schedule for volunteering in the garden?
    How many hours should a volunteer put in?
    What is your start date for 2020?

    • EOGG says:

      Everything will be different this year because of the university’s requirements re COVID-19. Members are expected to put in at least 12 hours per month. We will be scheduling more sessions throughout the week since we are only allowed to have 15 people at a time on site. This means we need to have a safety monitor for each session. We hope to start in a couple weeks, pending university approval of our protocols.

    • Happy Gardener says:

      Hi, Barbara
      Members must volunteer a minimum of 4 sessions per month. Each session is about 3 hours. In busy periods–planting time and harvest time–we will schedule a number of sessions throughout the week at various times. Our typical work sessions are Wednesday evening and all day Saturday.

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