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Part of EOGG’s mandate is to donate produce to local not-for-profit groups that provide food to low income and homeless members of the community. To meet this mandate, EOGG volunteers seed, care for, and harvest excess produce every year.

Total: ~ 1455 lbs

Donate to who?ProduceAmountDateWho Made DeliveryNotes
Edmonton Food Bankbok choy, turnips30 lbsJuly 24Vicky and RomanWhen donating to the Edmotnon Food Bank, tell them it's for their "Grow a Row, Donate a Row" initiative.
Edmonton Food BankZucchini and Patty Pan195 lbsAugust 13Dyle
Edmonton Food Bankzucchini, patty pan and beans80 lbsAugust 16Vicky
Edmonton Food BankCucumbers, green beans, zucchini70 lbsAugust 21Vicky and Anita
Edmonton Food BankBok choy36 lbsAugust 15Jeannie and Rick
Edmonton Food BankBasil4 grocery bagsAugust 22Jeannie and Rick
Edmonton Food BankCucumbers15 lbsAugust 24Dyle
Edmonton Food BankSwiss Chard30 lbsAugust 24Dyle
Edmonton Food BankZucchini,Patty Pan225 lbsAugust 24Dyle
Edmonton Food Bankzucchini, cucumbers175 lbsVicky
Edmonton Food Bankpotatoes200 lbsVicky
Mustard Seedpotatoes200 lbsMegan
Green and Gold Charity GardenSpinach6 lbsJuly 6VickyThey were selling that day but didn't have any spinach, so were very pleased with our donation.
Green and Gold Charity GardenBasil1/2 row of pinchingsJuly 7VickyThey would have "pinched" more, but it was noon and they close sales at 1:00.
Green and Gold Charity GardenCucumbers50 lbsAugust 23Vicky
Meals on Wheelsbeets and zucchini100 lbsAugust 1BrendaDropped off a pail of baby beets and several boxes of zucchinis.
Mustard Seedzucchini60 lbsAugust 1Marshall and Dyle
Mustard Seedgreen and yellow beans30 lbsOctober 8Roman and Vicky
Mustard Seedzucchini50 lbsOctober 8Roman and Vicky
Mustard Seedcucumbers15 lbsMarshall
Youth Emergency ShelterSpinach and Arugula9 lbsJuly 5Vicky
Youth Emergency ShelterSnow peas, basil, bok choy6 lbsJuly 12VickyWas planning to deliver them lots of bok choy and peas, but rain prevented harvest.
Youth Emergency ShelterBok choy15 lbsJuly 24VickyAlso tried to give them turnips, but they said they have too many.
Youth Emergency Shelterzucchini100 lbsAugust 8Elvira and RobertThey were absolutely thrilled with the zucchini and would gladly take bok choy, beans, turnips... If we had any to donate. 😀
Youth Emergency ShelterCucumbers and green beans15 lbsAugust 18Vicky
Youth Emergency Sheltercorn120 cobsRoman
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