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We have lots of beautiful beets and the thinnings are quite large in some places.  Every year it makes me sad to see beet greens on the ground and on Sat there was quite a pile of wilted thinnings that still had soup sized beets attached…So if you are at a loss for what to do with your beets and greens here are my top 10 suggestions, recipes I will try to attach as I am able but remember Google is your friend:

1) Shredded raw beets: on salads – grate them directly on your salad greens or make them the focus. See the following recipe for ideas.  Raw beets are great with a citrus vinagrette. http://thebittenword.typepad.com/thebittenword/2009/08/italian-parsley-and-raw-beet-salad.html

2) Roasted – wash, trim, toss in oil of choice with salt, pepper, sweet paprika and roast until tender.  Roasted beet skins rub right off if you don’t want to eat the peel. Make like French fries and dip is citrus/horseradish mayo based dip.

3) Beets with Feta. Beets love feta and balsamic vinegar. Use cold cooked beets in a salad with feta or bake together in a roasted beet and feta pie.

4) Beet Raita – yogurt and beet salad to accompany curries. Add mint or cilantro to taste.

5) Pickled – sweet pickled or as a relish with red cabbage.

6) Chocolate Beet Cake – I’ll post my mom’s recipe.. Delish with a minted icing.

7) Boiled with greens and a horseradish dressing. Cook washed and trimmed beets until tender, cool, peel and slice. Boil leaves until tender, drain. Combine leaves and beets and toss with horseradish, olive oil, red wine vinegar and garlic.  Good warm or room temp.

8) Puree cooed beets with walnuts, oil, salt, garlic, red wine vinegar for a Greek dip called Pantzarosalata.

9) Beet and mushrooms curry well together. Will post recipe.

10) The Greens. Yes these are edible. Yes they are good. Yes they are good for you. Yes they can replace any other green in any other recipe like spinach in lasagne or in soup or stew etc. 



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