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Hi Folks,

Thanks to everyone who submitted their responses to the survey. Please have a quick look above for the low down.

This year we will focus a little more on communication. The website has been moved to a new domain: www.eogg.org. The reformat of the site allows posting and commenting to the site through whatever feeds / gadgets  you choose to link with. Please subscribe in whatever format suits you. I will only send the first few email updates through the old google groups site. Please subscribe at the new site for updates. 

I’ll try to send out quick notes with weekly tidbits, as I mentioned you’ll have full access to post your own updates and comments to the site… so please do. On the low tech side of things we’ll be installing a whiteboard on site. Please use it! We’ll add pointers about where to focus and what to harvest as things come in season.

Seed orders, perennial crops and tools are either purchased or in process. The new irrigation system is at the warehouse ready to be picked up. You can view our new crops and tools here

We have been very successful in being awarded funding from our traditional partners APIRG and IMANTA. I attribute our success to you folks, we have a vibrant opinionated group that also happen to photograph really well! 

There will be some hard work this spring. For all the folks who do it for the “blood, sweat and beers”, this is your spring. We have brand new irrigation system that needs to be installed. As well as 10 or so 80 foot long row covers hoop houses. I’m excited, this will be similar to the ECOS garden retrofit of 05′ for those of you who were gardening with me back then. This will be bigger and better.

To help out with the new tasks APIRG has been reaching out to the undergrad population of the University. I’ve also contacted the Big Brothers and Sisters looking for those great enthusiastic folks who came our way last year. We have a meeting with the Dean of Agriculture on May 16; we are looking forward to this conversation with the University.

So ya, it’ll be busy. Thanks to all the gang whose powered through our lean years, here’s to a bountiful season!

Peas out,


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