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Marshall Promised and Marshall and Dyle delivered. What a crazy Friday night. Marshall and Dyle began preparing for the show at 5:00 and we finished our submissions a little after 9:00pm down at Fort Edmonton. Who knew getting vegetables ready for a show was so much work? If you are wondering why it took so long, have a quick peak at the video of Marshall demonstrating this forgotten art.

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We swept a number of categories and finished first overall in the vegetable competition as well as the community garden category. A special thanks to Rodney and Megan for making this event happen! 

I’ve had a tough time getting folks from our garden involved in this competion of the last couple of years. A quick question to you all:

Why doesn’t this type of event appeal to most of you? What would make this event more appealing to you guys? 

Is it simply because most of you don’t have spare toothbrushes? 

Saturday was a scorcher! 

We had a good productive time and a great turnout. Ann, Shirley and Dyle have really been stepping it up by watering our crops.The weeds are making their last stand, so good work everyone getting things back under control. There are a few areas still needing attention, but nothing we can’t handle on Wednesday and Saturday. We will continue to harvest potatoes among other crops this week. Things are really sizing up nicely now.

See you out there!


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