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We’ve been working all out for the past two weeks, with 35 members and friends working about 350 hours. We are a volunteer organization that gardens collectively to provide fresh garden vegetables to food banks and other nonprofits that feed those in need. We also plant enough for the insects and critters that abound, including our members.


Volunteers from the CHEW project took on the big weeds.


Be like Kevin–wear proper protection and footwear when operating machinery.


New member Levi, practicing with the seeder.


New member Jeff picks the  big jobs.


Eita and Jeannie make 3 hours of planting onions look like fun.


3 hours planting leeks, in the heat, with a mask–no sweat for Marysia and Margaret.


Note Martin’s nifty seed and row spacer, customized for broad beans!


Alex moving plywood for water barrels to sit on.


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