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Hi everyone,


Tomorrow looks good, i checked out the farm this afternoon, and the ground has dried up considerably and so we have a dry area to hold our little shin-dig!  I have 21 people confirmed and if there is anyone else who has not replied but would like to come,  e-mail me at elvirafalconer@gmail.com.  Thus far we have bison burgers, roasted beet panini, chocolate and beet muffins with mint icing, and a quinoa salad. You can also e-mail me with what you would like to share for the BBQ, don’t forget your lawn chairs, and do bring mosquito spray or wear long pants and sleeves : )  

There are lots of beet and carrot rows that need serious thinning in field number two, there are zucchinis ready for our enjoyment, lots of raspberries, pok choy and turnips, lots of basil for yummy yummy pesto.  We also need to stake up tomatoes and those apple trees, Ben i hope you are coming : )

If it is raining cats and dogs we will postpone the BBQ to another weekend, check the EOGG post for more info.  

see you all tomorrow,

if you need to get a hold of me 780-619-7375

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