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What an epic Saturday at the Guild! Thanks to everyone who made it out. The farm is starting to really take shape. We transplanted roughly 500 Brassica seedlings and 1000 leeks. We’ve also got our second succession of greens in and if you were there the Saturday before you’ll know the peas carrots and beets are in near the barn!

This week:

  • We’ve got high hopes of getting in our root crops in the West field. 
  • Transplants will (maybe) need water by Saturday.
  • Potatoes will need to be planted in our newly acquired South field

In all likelyhood we will need to divide into two teams. The spuds and the row croppers. The spuds will be going hard digging trenches and the row croppers will be raking seed beds. If this sounds like fun, show up Saturday:)

It may be too moist to accomplish much tomorrow night: better to not compact soil after heavy rain.

Check the vid for some Saturday action

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