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A couple of cool things worthy of mention and part 2 in the ongoing of series of Gardening with Jay and Jill.

 1. Tomorrow we will be building a compost bin on the South concrete pads. This will be the first of two composting bins we will build this fall. Rodney is working furiously to build an app that will build the second recycled pallet bin for him. Let’s all wish him luck!


2. Our sign needs to be installed on our entrance gate. Thanks to sign making crew for sticking with this project, it looks great!

3. We’ve added a recipe submission form to the website. You will see a couple new tabs near the top of the Page. There is a submit tab that will take you to the form and a recipes page that will build itself as we submit recipes through the form. So don’t be shy! Jeannette, we would love to see that muffin recipe!

4. There is a ton of food to harvest, so don’t be shy, if you’ve helped out you are entitled to eat. Come out and enjoy!



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