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Well… that’s it. Everything in. A great push on a chilly day by 16 volunteers on Saturday and that concludes our major planting efforts for the year.

I want to give special mention to Kyle (One Arm) who seeded spuds and raked with only one operational arm all morning. That is the type of blood, sweat and tears that grows a good potato. 



This has been our most ambitious planting to date, and I want to reiterate how impressed I have been with the skill and effort we have been putting in. We planted around 1000 potato plants in the ground in 24 100 foot rows. By acreage over time we planted a little more than half an acre in 2 hours… The settlers would be proud if not a little jealous… and I’m not just saying that because of the tractors and rototillers we had at our disposal! (Thank you ALES)

We’ll change gears here in the next few days from implementation to maintenance… From labour to weeding harvesting.

See you out there…



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