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Christine I have to say a big thank you and God love you. I love you, I owe you a big hug.

I found a bag of her garlic hanging on the barn boor handle yesterday morning.




Christine’s response to the Garlic Report Part 2 post and this follow up jesture almost

restores my faith in our gardeners.


No Christine, you did not take any of the seed stock garlic. I remember when you came to get

garlic and you took the garlic from the blue plastic bin like most others did.




As you can see in the picture above the seed garlic on the left is huge compared 

to the garlic that Christine took home. The large premium bulbs were stored for 

stock, so that in the future all the garlic will grow up to that size.




The seed garlic was stored away in a large cardboard box and stashed toward the front 

of the barn. The rodent or rodents had to climb over some of the stored farm equipment

and across a desk to get to the box of seed garlic.


The garlic rodents are still hidding in the shadows, as rodents do, so as not to be 

exposed to the light of day!!

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