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It is fall and the tree planters are busy creating a new forest!


The University is planting large spruce trees ( 25 to 30 feet tall ) along our side of the

new asphalt multi-use pathway. The tree are being moved here from the South Research

Station at Ellerslie Road and 127 street.

The trees are being moved with a large truck mounted tree spade that takes an

8 foot diameter root ball about 7 feet deep.


Over the last two weeks I have talked to some of the garden members about the 

happenings along the pathway. There have been a few different plans told to me 

by various staff.


I think I finally have the real story, I talked with a more important seeming guy – one 

fo those ” We don’t need no stinking badges!” type of guys.He did not know about

any of the plans because He was making it up as he went along.


The pathway will possibly be widened next spring two more meters to the sports center

side ( from 3 to 5 meters to become a multi-use / LRT access trail ).

Three trees have been planted behind the shed and the fruit field. He told me that

no more planting would be done this fall in the garden area. Next year we may lose 

a wedge from the new compost area to about 30 feet in on the east chainlink fence.


I am altering the garlic planting area to suit this possibility.


Come and check out the new forest.

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