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The cream of the crop. 
The best of the best. 
That is what is gathered 
in this fruitful harvest.

Grown with pride 
and many hands. 
The cream of the crop 



Harvest Season here and soon gone, it will not be long before a white quilt will settle itself quietly on the land.  We would like to celebrate all our hard work and many hours; the abundant harvest our reward with a Harvest Dinner September 29th.  The Harvest Dinner will begin at 5 pm, and we are looking for some volunteers mainly: barbecues for sausages and hamburgers, a few people to come a little earlier to set up tables, tablecloths, etc.  If anyone knows who lent us the chairs for last years Harvest Dinner please contact me: elvirafalconer@gmail.com

We would like if everyone could bring something home made to this dinner, perhaps something miraculous with veggies from the garden, salads, vegetarian dishes, desserts, and of course wine and beer are welcome, as well, to share.  We will have glasses, plates, and cutlery provided for the event as well as sausages, hamburgers, and fruit juices. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet those they have not met, meet their families, and get to know one another.  I would ask everyone to please RSVP and I would like to take advantage of this large gathering to host an AGM meeting as well.  This will give everyone an opportunity to share some of their thoughts, experiences, and ideas based on this years season and previous seasons. We would also like to discuss next years direction and focus for EOGG and would welcome as much input as possible : D  

We would also ask for everyone to stay after the dinner to help clean up, you all did such a wonderful job at the August bbq that i do not think this will be an issue : )

Up Coming Events  


Planting Garlic (in field two)

Raising the Green House (currently grape field)

Orchard will remain in its current location (will need to stake apple trees and protect trees and fruit bushes from rabbits for the winter)

Children’s Garden 

Building raised garden beds

Pallets for Children’s Garden and Flower Avenue (Morris looking into this, if anyone else has some good connections and can get some for us let us know please)  

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Harvest Dinner and please RSVP  me with how many people are coming and what you would like to bring. elvirafalconer@gmail.com

thank you,

Elvira Falconer



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