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News from the last week and a half.


Monday October 17  –  Frost killed last of tomato plants. Harvested 45 kgs of green and

semi-ripe tomatoes  –  stored in the barn.


Tuesday October 18  –  Dug potatoes, disassembled irrigation system – cleaned, sorted and

stored the fittings and valve assemblies.


Wednesday October 19 – Evening group  –  stored the drip tape in the upper level of the barn,

     sorted potatoes stored in the barn – sorted out and stored Pink

             and Yellow seed potatoes.

     Watered garlic field.


Thursday October 20  –  Watered garlic field, raspberries and cherries.


Saturday October 22  –  Group  –  pulled out dead garden plants – stacked up to dry out

   dug up majority of carrots, dug up the rest of the potatoes

   extra stored in the barn.

  Watered garlic field, raspberries, strawberries and the fruit trees and



Come out tonight and harvest the rest of the garden – carrots, leeks, rutabaga, kale,

swiss chard, parsley, sage, dill and thyme still left in the garden.


In the barn we have about 100 lbs of tomatoes and about 1000 lbs of potatoes.




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