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Please read below for up to date info on harvest news:

  • Green beans 
    • Need picking this week. Some of them have gotten away on us and are too big for tender eating. You could leave those on the vine for those who are interested in shelling them when they get bigger still. But generally, good idea to pick the rows clean.
  • Cucumbers
    • Marshall picked a 5 gallon bucket that is in the shed. Please help yourself to these before end of day Monday. Tuesday morning I’ll pick up remainder for food bank. There will be lots of pickling size cucumbers for picking this week.
  • Carrots
    • All carrots in garden 1 were pulled because of an infestation of some kind and are in the shed. Please help yourself before end of day Monday. I’ll pick up remainder on Tuesday morning for Food Bank.

Corn is not quite ready yet, but very soon.

Vicky B

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