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July 12, 2012 Summer in the City


Summer by William Morris
Summer looked for long am I:
Much shall change or e’er I die.
Prithee take it not amiss
Though I weary thee with bliss



It was a very hot night indeed last night but many came later in the evening and put in some good work.  We planted a couple new rows of Kale for all the Kale lovers, we weeded around the apple trees, put a dent in that huge weed patch btw the corn/garlic and cabbage crops that sprung up in the last week, sigh……………organic farming, now we can really appreciate and cherish every bite of the fruits of our labour, and other’s labour, when we  purchase our produce from organic kiosks at the farmer’s market.  

  We had a great turn out last week and I know the weather has been beautiful and you would rather being doing other cooler pursuits but we would love your company and yes, some sweat and tears, as there is still lots of work to be done.  And for all your efforts there are sugar peas, snap peas, basil, lots of greens, and beets for the table, lets enjoy them : )                                     Our cauliflower is up but because of the intense heat, it is quite bitter eaten raw, i do not know if there is a remedy for this, or if it will taste better cooked, but if anyone has any suggestions please share.

For all the hard we have put in, I think we are very deserving of a Saturday BQQ, to enjoy some good grub, converse, and meet some of the other members of the farm, as not everyone gets a chance to meet everyone on the various farming days due to personal schedules. I am aware some folks who have been working hard at the farm will be out of town (on holiday in some exotic foreign local ; ) but i would like to encourage our members who will be in town on the last Saturday of the month, July 28th, to make an effort and reschedule if possible to come out and join us.  Could everyone who is able to come please RSVP me, and let me know how many in your family, this is a low key event, maybe some papparazzi taking photos, but otherwise a relaxed and fun afternoon, with great people, good food, and maybe some music (any volunteers?) to whistle to while we work : D

Please e-mail Elvira at : elvirafalconer@gmail.com to RSVP ASAP : D

Also do we have any volunteers for a couple of BBQs being escorted to the event?

personally i was singing the lyrics to “Summer in the City” last night,

❧ Evira

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