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We had quite the planting crew Saturday. From the world weary to the bright eyed, we had an eclectic bunch of gardeners ready to dig in! I don’t like to liken humans to machines very often, given the much ballyhooed approach of the singularity. But we operated like one mean machine!

Check out the Vid to see how the Growers Guild roll it out. We were planting almost a thousand leeks in under an hour! Now that’s what I call efficiency.

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By my count and by the fact that we ran short at 4000′ feet of drip tape… we’re at roughly 5000 linear feet of annual crops. Think generously and say a plant a foot… that is a lot of green. We seeded in lemon cukes, yellow zukes, and a whole bunch of Zea Mays among other annuals.

Our newest volunteer Morris came out Saturday and shared some of his heirloom beans he apparently picked up from a lady in the middle of a park in BC somewhere. I think there’s a shady story here. Be sure to ask him about it! It’s great to have him on board.


We have some great news from the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences! We have been alloted an additional 3/4 acre for cultivation.

Mr. Barry Irving with the Faculty of ALES was on site in the flesh spreading a good helping of composted manure and discing the new field in preparation for our potato crop. This is great news for us and will give us some much needed space for expansion. Check out Barry in his John Deere.

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