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Howdie Hibernating Farmers,


Roger Graves’ WRS 301 Grant Proposal Writing class has been really working hard to get us into both a new greenhouse and a new tractor. They have produced a few drafts that you can read below: They are looking for feedback. Please add your comments below, or simply reply if you receive this as an email. They will appreciate any feedback we can give them!

Download this file

Download this file

In other news Rodney Al wrote a brilliant grant proposal to APIRG and APIRG has awarded us with 2500.00 dollars towards a 15,000 square foot greenhouse for our garden. This is a big ticket item, think 30 feet by 50 feet. We would extend our thousand pound yields to tomatoes and cucumbers with this type of coverage. We can also be cropping in April instead of late May.

Download this file

As president I’ve been a little distant of late. That’s not to say I haven’t had my ear to the ground. I am very proud how effectively we utilized what we grew this year. That is not to say that we didn’t have our stumbles, we always do.

Over the next months I want to continue a discussion with you folks of the membership on how we can be smarter about how we do things. In the next few weeks we will build our annual winter working groups to work on the minutiae of the EOGG day to day.

Start thinking now what types of focused groups you would like to lead. We have Marshall leading the Seed selection committee in the next month or so (more to come on this). I know there is a contingent seriously starting to consider the children’s programming / garden / adventure play area on site. We still need a lead for that group. If any of these groups interest you or if you have a group idea that you would like to spearhead, please write to us directly @ edmontonorganic@gmail.com.

This upcoming year we need to streamline the distribution process of our produce. On a day to day harvest schedule we do fine, but when we have thousands of pounds of produce (think Corn or Potatoes this year) I think we need to have a common understanding how large yields should be distributed and to whom. The better understanding we all have up front the few misunderstandings we will have when the forks hit the hills. 

I presented the Presidents Report at the AGM back in September. If you missed it, please have a read.

Download this file

Keep it green,













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