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Hi folks,

Well things are arriving quickly now. Tomorrow Geordan is going to lead you through planting the 25 new romance series cherries.

We have 5 varieties, we are going to plant them at a 3.5 foot spacing between the bushes. This along with the raspberries will help retain snow on the field during the winter months, in the spring that snow will melt and help recharge our soil moisture.

One of our volunteers, Suzana, was kind enough to donate her extra raspberry canes this spring so we will now be able to finish off our partial row of raspberries as well.

Because the weather is going to be tricky next week, we are planning on seeding the cold crops (beets broccoli carrots cabbage) on Monday evening (around 6 pm) this upcoming week.

If you can’t make it out no worries, Marshall has promised to plant it single handedly if he needs to! At this time of year we have to accommodate the whims of mother earth.

It should rain Tuesday and Wednesday, and despite what Jim says, I think the rain is still relatively safe for plants;) and good for germination.

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