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Met Travis in the grocery store (he was tisking the pathetic state of the organic chard) and he revealed that the tips of the peas in garden 2 have been visited by “miners”, but it shouldn’t affect the harvest. We also talked about:

Snap peas need to be picked or they will stop producing. I will be picking whatever is left at end of Wednesday for donation. Check the snow peas, too.

Bok choy is ready to be thinned–just gently pull out plants that are touching each other so that there are at least several inches between plants.

Beets in garden 2 need thining.

And in broccoli news, contrary to my alarm on Saturday, the broccoli is NOT bitter–after it’s cooked. I threw it into boiling salted water for a few minutes and it was great. If you didn’t pick up some from the pail last Saturday, I hope there’ll be more big heads in a week or so.




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