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     I was at the farm this evening, and the ground is still very saturated with puddles here and there due to the amount of rain that we have experienced this past week, i checked out field number two thinking it might not be as bad, but my feet just sunk right into the soil.  I discussed this with Dyle and we need to give it a chance to dry up, if we trample about we will just compact the soil, and damage the crops.  

Lets go hard on Wednesday with as many able bodies as possible, there is lots of good food to be harvested, so lets get them picked.  There are still plenty of snap/sugar peas, beats need thinning, especially in field number two, those taking beats and carrots, please thin and don’t just take the larger ones, this way everyone can enjoy them : )  I saw some raspberries ready to be picked but at this point, very mucky in that section. By the way carrot tops can be eaten, perfect in a shake ; )  

Enjoy your Saturday and see you Wednesday!

Elvira ❧

oh and pray for sunshine!!!

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