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Greetings All Interested EOGG Canners

Who: 6 EOGG Members (Myself + Family,  Elvira + Family, Barb, Jeannie, Robin, and Suzana) BUT it is not too late if you let me know by Wednesday!

What: Canning approximately 20 lbs of EOGG produce into : Zany Zucchini Relish, India Relish, Royal Beet Relish, Sweet Pickled Beets, Pickled Carrots, and Carrot Jam (Yowsers!)

When: Friday September 9th 5pm (or when you arrive)

Where: Knox Metropolitan United Church Kitchen (83 Avenue + 109 Street)…South East Door (benches in front of door)

Why: Because we can! Because it is fun! Because it is delicious! Because in January we will be happy we planted and weeded and watered (and de-watered) soooo many veggies! Because we like to wow our friends with all the ways we can use zucchini!

Cost: Free! Yes – Free for EOGG members!  Including Supper (thanks EOGG, Elvira and Jeannie!)





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