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“To be A Weed or Not to be A Weed”

Thank you again to everyone who came out Wednesday evening, it was a late night but we certainly made an impression, and welcome to Randy who put in some good time in the weeds, and then helped me do some gorilla flower planting. Even our little gnomes helped plant and water our new additions. Strawberry patch is looking ship shape and i aim to keep them burdoch free once and for all; some beautiful juicy strawberries were certainly inspiration enough. We would love to see some extra hands out this Saturday to help hand-weed out the corn patch, peas, beets, raspberry patch.  Its awful hard work but certainly more pleasurable with someone working at your side : D  

Also this is the last Saturday of the month so if anyone would like to bring some home baked goods to share in the spirit of community farming, it would most certainly be appreciated and welcome.  Thank you to Jeannie who has consistently brought fresh baked goodies every Saturday, love love love : )

see you Saturday


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