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Hi Folks,

First let’s give each other a pat on the back. We won a number of awards at the EHS Bench Show! Some victories of note were:


1st Place
Best heirloom variety (for our Green Zebra Heirloom Tomatoes.),
Yellow beans

2nd Place
Yellow Zuchinni
Green Cabbage (Copenhagen)

3rd Place
Community Garden Display
Winter Squash (Potimarron)
Hot Pepper

We didn’t win best of show… but we definitely know what we need to do next year!


The great potato harvest of 2010 has begun! A strong group of volunteers have made their way through 3 rows of potatoes. We have harvested around 1000 pounds. We’ve tucked the taters and some carrots against the Barn in the tin trough, its covered with ply. Please stop by and get yourself some Norland Reds!


One of our Anarchist contingent is busily preparing a raspberry rescue mission for the week of the 13th to 19th. Derek has a plan to transplant some 200 or so plants from an abandoned nursery site in the north of Edmonton to our garden plot. More details to follow.


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