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So, even though the nuckleheads didn’t win the cup, there is some positive news tonight… Things are looking great… in fact, things are tasting great. Garlic Scapes / Spinach / Baby Greens. To the 5 of 55 people that made it out tonight, nice weeding. We’ll forgive the rest of you for being Canadian:)


It’s good to get the weeds under control this early… and to the mysterious weeders that made their way through the onions and leeks over the past few days, impressive. My money is on Roman but Vicki Could be a likely candidate as well… show yourselves.

A question came up in the meeting with the Dean of Agriculture a few weeks back. He wanted our input on ways that the Faculty could contribute more directly to the success and functioning of our group.

  • What are your ideas?
  • How can the Faculty be more involved with us? 
  • What type of programming could they help us with?







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