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Dear EOGG members,

My name is Andy Melson and I am happy to be joining you all for a season of vegetable growing! I am a recent graduate of the City of Edmonton’s Master Compster and Recycler program, and as part of my outreach activities, I am taking an active role with EOGG’s compost.

Some of you may be unable to compost at home, so my idea is to collect compostables from anyone who wants to donate them by providing you with empty white buckets with lids, so that you can transport your kitchen scraps to the garden. If we get enough buckets, then we can have a “leave a bucket, take a bucket” cycle: simply bring a full bucket with the lid on tight, and take an empty one when you leave. This way, we can save up organic matter and build optimal compost piles.

I understand that some of you (I heard the name Suzanne mentioned 🙂 have access to plastic buckets with lids that would otherwise be discarded. If we could start collecting them at the garden, that would be terrific. Ideally we would not have very many buckets at the garden at any one time, but any ideas about how to store them would also be appreciated.



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