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Hi there! I’m not sure if I am emailing the right person regarding this, but I am from the Belgravia Out of School Care program and we are running a summer camp and wondering if it would be possible to arrange a field trip to your farm sometime during the first two weeks of August? It would most likely be a small group of children, 5-10, ages 5-9. We would love to come check out your garden and maybe help out with some of the work. Any info you could send me would be great. Thanks so much!


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3 Responses to Field Trip Info

  1. elvirafalconer says:

    Yahoo, that sounds very cool, i could come and help out, i will just check my schedule.

  2. unclehat says:

    That sounds great, Ariellyn. Come on out. It’ll be fun for the whole group – big kids and little kids alike.

  3. ariellyn85 says:

    Awesome! My contact info is munchkin_city@hotmail.com if someone is able to email me to make arrangements or is there a specific person I should contact to arrange this? I’m not sure how to go about setting up a time and date to come by. Thanks!

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