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Great night folks, If you want it to rain, there’s no better way than threatening to install an irrigation system. We had a good sized crowd to run lines and put together fittings. With Dyle at the helm things went smoothly (despite our supplies being slightly deficient.) The drip lines are working perfectly. 

Catch the video to see Dyle gittin ‘er done. McGyver would be proud!

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We had a good meeting with the Dean of Agriculture this afternoon at the University. He is working on helping us achieve our three main goals for the season:

1. Use of the Barn for storage, gathering and relaxing,

2. Exploring the possibility of an on site greenhouse, 

3. Allowing us access to additional land for cultivation.

We will continue to work closely with Barry Irving the farm manager on acheiving those goals through this season. I’ll be sending out a separate note regarding our meeting and asking for some input from you folks on ways we can improve the education / research aspects of our garden experience… 





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