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Hi Everyone,

The folks at LakeShore Fragrant Gardens have been feverishly propagating a great set of annual starts for us since early March. For those who don’t know, some annual vegetables need a real head start if you want to harvest them by late August. The best way to give them this head start is in the controlled environment of a greenhouse. Marshall had the opportunity to take a trip out to Evansburg and pick them up on the weekend. 

We have hundreds of red, yellow and white onion starts and a few hundred leeks to plant. We also have 100 of several varieties of Tomatoes ready to go in the ground. Finallly, Henry Fields fruit co. got their act together we received a special delivery of purple asparagus crowns in the mail and we will tuck those away tomorrow as well.  If you are able, we will get a head start on the weekend planting Wednesday night!

As a final note, I wanted to say I’ve added all of you as contributors on the posterous site. That means if you have anything related to our garden that you want to convey, all you need to do is send an email to eoggs@posterous attach any photos, videos, documents like recipes, planting methods or mp3’s you would like and the site will automatically post it! And as some of you have figured out, if you want to comment on anyone elses post you receive via email, just hit reply and write a response and it will post to the site!

It would be great to see other folks photos, comments, ideas for improvements etc… there is an Iphone and android app for posterous. (Tim and Cassidy) Just search it out in the app store and android market. Heck even clumsy old blackberry has an app that can post to posterous (Jim).  

One last thing about posterous, in the emails you receive from posterous and you may be receiving a lot lately you will notice a note in the lower right hand bottom of your email that says change your email settings. Follow the link and you can decide the frequency that you want to be spammed updated on what’s happening on the farm. I set mine to daily, but weekly would keep you in the loop as well. You can always go to the site eogg.org and look through the archives if you get an itch to see the updates sooner.


See you out there,





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