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Many thanks to everyone who made a Saturday morning at the garden into one darn good time.

The national judges for Communities in Bloom stopped by and were really impressed. They mentioned the produce, the plants, bit also the people. Heck of a thing to see >20 gardeners together from age 2 to 72.

It’s true what they say: gardens grow good people.

PS. Thanks to everyone looking for the lost wallet. We found it.

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3 Responses to Hoop houses

  1. Travis Kennedy says:

    You guys really made that an event! What a group of Locavores! From Shirley’s pickled carrots to Jeannie’s pie, what a delicious session! Let’s do another one at the middle / end of September when the corn is plump and sweet! I’ve added a few of my photos to Rodney’s post in a separate gallery. (My favorite is of Roman learning how to install the hoops by watching Rodney’s Smartphone!) If you have any of your own you want to share remember you can just send an email with the photos attached to eoggs@posterous.com and the website will do the rest. Whatever you make the subject title will become the name of the post!

  2. ann_hazlett says:

    did anyone find a radio?  I lost mine while I was harvesting 🙁

  3. eogg says:

    Yes! I put it on the shelf in the shed, You left it by the 'sungold' tomatoes.

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