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Hi Everyone,

I am pretty much a newbie at gardenning, but I came accross this you tube how-to on raspberry pruning and thought I would try pruning the EOGG raspberry bushes this Wednesday evenning.

If anyone who has done this before wants to shoot me some advice, or to lend a hand, let me know. Also does anyone know if the raspberries we grow are ever bearing or summer variety? I suspect sunmmer variety…


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One Response to Raspberry Pruning

  1. benpike9 says:

    Hi Suzanne, it is vital to know whether they are ever-bearing or summer fruiting, not only because they are pruned completely differently, but because it is possible to ruin next year’s crop. I am used to pruning at different times to this video, but I come from England , so cannot vouch for Alberta pruning times.

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