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Hi Folks,

Saturday was very productive with a smaller than usual contigent of folks out on the farm. After enjoying some wonderful apple danishes baked by Jeannie, we went hard at it with roughly 5 people planting fruit trees and 7 people planting potatoes in the new south plot.

In 1.5 hours we had completed both tasks. We did not re-align the orchard and hope that the groupings of trees and their proximity to one another are ok in the long run.

Now that everything is in the ground, the task of maintenance and weeding has begun. We have tonnes of vegetables seeded and out of the ground. This is going to be an epic year. Thanks for all of you in the past month or so who have really been hitting it hard. The rest of the summer should have a little less frantic pace. 

On a personal note, now that the spring rush is subsiding, I’ll be taking a few weeks off from the farm. But I will be back mid July.

PS: Salad greens are being harvested at the farm! They look great for cut and come again salads! Let’s get the spinach before the miners do!

Happy growing.



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