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September 24 accommodates most people’s schedules.


We’ll meet at around 2PM for harvesting and BBQ preparation, The AGM will take place at 4PM and Dinner and Socializing from 5 till whenever…

Ideally we will have a 1 hour meeting and then get on with the good stuff!  We’ll take lots of photos for people who cannot be there!


 What to Bring for Potluck …


1.     Something from the garden is encouraged … One dish per family would be great. Bring a serving spoon that works for the dish/recipe you make.

2.     If anyone has chutney or other condiments for the sausages, it would be wonderful if you could bring them. We’ll purchase one ordinary bottle of mustard, ketchup and relish.


3.     Corn on the cob will be harvested and boiled (for 6 minutes) on site.

4.     EOGG won gift certificates to Tree Stone Bakery for our fine showing of vegetables from the garden at the fair and we will purchase buns for our AGM Harvest dinner.

5.     We’ll be purchasing the meat/meat substitute as well as cans of Italian Soda. If you wish to discretely bring something else to drink, make your own decision about that OK?

6.     Travis will bring his Weber BBQ, propane cooktop, and large cooler and ice for drinks . We need a few more cooktops and pots for corn boiling. Let us know if you can bring these.

Tables, chairs, tablecloths, utensils, plates, cups, serviettes, coffee and tea are arranged. 

All partners and/or family members who know how hard we are all working are welcome to come and eat with us.  We would like to know the number of extra people to expect. You can let us know in one of three ways:

1.   Reply to this EOGG post

2.   Indicate number of guests on the Count Sheet that accompanies the Potluck Dish Sign up sheet.

3.   Phone Karen at 780 430 6158 or Jeanette at 780 434 0379

Jeannette and Karen







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